Grace Blackman Cup

The Cup was presented to the District by Alf Blackman, Finsbury Park CC, in 2001 in memory of his wife, Grace, who had been involved with him in promoting and timing time trials for many years on F1 courses.
The Cup is awarded to the rider (male or female) who has the lowest aggregate time for their best 25, 50 and 100 mile Open and Association events.
25 and 50 mile events are confined to London North courses and promoted by London North clubs. Any Open or Association 100 mile event result will qualify.
The winner holds the Cup for 12 months and receives an engraved RTTC Medallion.

The Competition is open February to October.

Blackman Trophy is now concluded for 2016.
Luke Clarke, TMG Horizon Cycling Team wins the trophy virtue of his total time 6:26:13, with ever present John Lacey, Hemel Hempstead CC as runner up on 6:42:56. Julian Pegg, Hitchin Nomads CC was close behind John with 6:48:01 to clinch third spot.
Lukes total was a mere 3 seconds off the Blackman Trophy record, currently held by Gray Turnock, Finsbury Park CC. Tony May, TMG Horizon Cycling Team was the only other rider to beat seven hours total.
Leanne Cutler, Hitchin Nomads CC, was the only woman to set times at 100, 50 and 25 miles for a qualifying time of 8:04:14.
25 North London riders recorded times in 100 mile events but, as last year, only nine managed to qualify for the competition with rides at 50 and 25 in North London events (compared with 7 in 2014).
Rides on SPOCO type courses are not counted as those courses are frequently ‘non standard’ distance and not measured in strict accordance with CTT guidelines.

2016 Result
2015 Result
2014 Result

Remember, ANY 100 and ONLY LNDC 25’s and 50’s to count.

 Grace Blackman РPast Winners