Monday 29th April 2019.
Millennium competition results after first five events are available at:-
2019 Millennium to date after London Phoenix 10

The signing on sheet for club events has been amended to include a commitment that the course RA conditions are met.
The new form is available at CTT website and MUST be used for all club events. Signing On Sheet – Club Events,

Reminder to event promoters on F1 courses.
ALL riders MUST be clear of the A1 south of Black Cat by 10:15.

There are no 2019 TT courses using A1 NORTH of Black Cat due to changes to the RAB, including traffic lights.

2019 LEVIES.
Type A events (Opens) = £4. Type B events (club) = £3.
Classic Series = £10. National Championships = £15.

LNDC Millennium Series = 50p