IMPORTANT notice about F1 courses in London North District.

Extensive road alterations are planned on the A1 trunk road in Bedfordshire, specifically to Black Cat RAB and South Biggleswade RAB.
South Biggleswade works (February through August) will impact on F1B and Black Cat works (May through October) will impact upon F1(A). Therefore, it is possible that both versions will be unavailable for Time Trials during May through August. Everything depends on whether works will be suspended at weekends and if cones are then set aside.
London North officials are working hard to understand the likely impact of these planned works and to design and risk-assess alternate courses.
Riders intending to enter F1 events in 2014 are advised to ‘watch this space’ and keep themselves up to date with progress.

Update 15th April.
Bedfordshire Road CC 25, 13th April, was switched, successfully, from F1B to F1 due to uncertain impact of South Biggleswade workings.
NORLOND Combine 30, Sunday 4th May, on F1/30 is expected to run as normal as there are no current workings on the route.

Reminder to event promoters on F1 courses.
ALL riders MUST be clear of the A1 north of Black Cat RAB by 09:30hrs and clear of the A1 south of Black Cat by 10:15.

2014 LEVIES.
Type A events = £2.   Type B events = £2.   Championships = £4.   TT Series etc = £3.
LNDC Millennium Series = 50p