The FINAL list of 2018 Open Events goes to CTT head office on MONDAY 14th October. Organisers can do a final check of their event details at:-
2018 FINAL at 16th October 2017.

2017 Millennium competition has now concluded following a very hard fought tussle for top honours. The result is a tie between Luke Clarke and Ben Stowe. See the ‘competitions’ page for report and final 2017 Millennium table.

The signing on sheet for club events has been amended to include a commitment that the course RA conditions are met.
The new form is available at CTT website and MUST be used for all club events. Signing On Sheet – Club Events,

All open events in London North are included in the CTT Internet Entry system; entry via CTT website.
Postal entry details are here LNDC 2017

Reminder to event promoters on F1 courses.
ALL riders MUST be clear of the A1 south of Black Cat by 10:15.

There are no TT courses using A1 NORTH of Black Cat due to changes to the RAB, including traffic lights.

2017 LEVIES.
Type A events (Opens) = £2. Type B events (club) = £2.
Time Trial Series = £5. National Championships = £10.

LNDC Millennium Series = 50p